Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009


Yamaha Mio 2009 ,Extreme Drag racing.


yamaha mio courage of Sidoarjo commendable. While in East Java again fever modifications drag look and style low rider, builder of the Venus Customized choose another stream, "The concept racing look. This is pure and new," specifically. yamaha mio. Even if the renovation is done Budi on a 2007 Yamaha Mio fashion, many racing jewelry attached. Most prominent, both the type of slick tire (without the nip). Then the front Suspensi dipermak model upside down so that a more long and large. It may be this skubek cock first made in Sidoarjo. Even according to Budi, soknya that have put their own custom variations Mio. "Underneath a still life Mio, are wrapped up with a kind of condom 2 inch pipe. To dikrom finishing it," Budi go. So that the view approaching motor racing, at the top of the deck on the middle of the order made stabilizer. Only for a view, the withdrawal enggak work in racing, Budi light.

The back also dirombak. As monosok, MX have placed in Mio. Seat in a custom-order to save battery, so people think there enggak battery. The view to make a motor in accordance with the concept, cover perforated model constrained CVT (more added) seems excited though. This brave step Budi risky when used for large daily. Because the CVT should be free of dust, oil, and water.

yamaha mio are not have the utmost for the modification. yamaha mio why many model modification, because the yamaha mio who like many, many of them want to change the shape of the yamaha mio. in this case the term is a modification of the form of yamaha mio itself. modifications in 2009 to provide modifikasi-motorr.blogspot.com yamaha mio that our new update. there are 3 images yamaha mio modifications which we will show as an example the trend in modifications motor mio this year 2009. and you only see the modification as the following example:MODIFIKASI MIO TERBARU 2009
yamaha mio with air brush fearMODIFIKASI MIO TERBARU 2009yamaha mio modifikasi sporty to bike